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GHD Australia

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Office & Workplace at GHD Australia

7.9 rating for Workplace, based on 55 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Great location and facilities available including bike storage, showers, hair dryer, straightening, towels etc. Dress code is standard, not too fancy and casual Fridays which I enjoy.
Graduate, Brisbane
Multi-level city towers, dress code varies from formal to business casual
Graduate, Brisbane
CBD, have to pay for parking though
Graduate, Toowoomba
Very nice. Green plants are nice. Dress code is at dress pants and a polo, or business shirt.
Graduate, Brisbane
Formal/casual dress code. Don't require to wear business suit etc unless going to important meetings etc. company's office space is good, spacious, close to inner city facilities, easy to access from public transport.
Graduate, Brisbane
Location is pretty good, there are a number of offices to choose from. Standard office dress code with casual Fridays
Graduate, Sydney
Open plan office space, over a number of floors within the city. Well maintained building. Close to public transport. There are bike storage and shower facilities, and 'heart stairs' that can be used as a healthy alternative to reach all floors. The dress code is generally business professional, however there is some flexibility - particularly on a Friday.
Graduate, Brisbane
Great location, good office.
Graduate, Sydney
Spacious per person Smart casual and above
Graduate, Brisbane
Some offices look amazing. Others are not as lavish. The dress code is smart.
Midlevel, Sydney
Usually pretty modern with end of trip and kitchen facilities. Dress code is pants, dress shoes and button up dress shirts for men and the equivalent for women. Probably a bit more on the relaxed side with casual Fridays being a thing (still long pants and appropriate shirt/t-shirt.
Graduate, Sydney
Professional open plan office in the CBD. Casual business attire
Graduate, Sydney
Brisbane office is really nice and modern. Great and convenient CBD location. After trip facilities provided including showers and towel service. Dry cleaning service and locker hire available. Big desks. Plants on every floor. Dress code varies. You could feel comfortable to wear what you want and show your personality. Varies from a polo shirt and jeans to a skirt and flats. Heels can be worn but not necessary. Could generally be described as casual professional. Casual Friday. People normally dress up a little more for client meetings.
Graduate, Brisbane
Need offices coming in 2019. At the moment they are pretty average.
Midlevel, Melbourne
The offices could be nicer, but we are due for a fit out or a more soon. The location is good though.
Graduate, Sydney
Brisbane office is exceptional. Other South QLD offices are industry standard. Dress code is standard business wear (long sleeve shirts, trousers, dress shoes)
Graduate, Brisbane
I'm in a relatively new office which is open plan but you have your own desk. My desk when I started was a standing desk (not too shabby for graduate). Fridays are casual.
Graduate, Sydney
beautiful, clean, right next to a train station! the dress code is smart casual - business with casual fridays which tend to be very casual.
Graduate, Sydney/ Brisbane
Professional and attractive workplace. Semi-formal dress code with casual dress Friday.
Graduate, Melbourne
Located in the CBD, great access to shops and transport services